I write stuff sometimes. I've been published a few times. Most recently in The Flutist Quarterly. Also in Dance Magazine, album reviews in some newspapers, The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, Pu Pu Hot Pot, and a bunch of places I've forgotten. 
I'm contemplating writing a book about my recent escapades tricking ChatGPT into writing ridiculous scenarios based on absurd prompts which I then further manipulate into even more absurd concepts. Click below to read a few.
This spot right here, below this sentence, that being the sentence you're reading now, or maybe the next sentence.  Like this sentence.  Or this sentence.  Sometime time soon anyway... below this. I will post a poem, or some lyrics, which I will change frequently, or semi-frequently, or at least every now and then.  So come back frequently, or semi-frequently, or every now and then and maybe there will be something new for you to read!


by The Always Right Reverend Doctor Robert Are
'Hadron!' said I, 'thing of subatomica.'
And the antiquarks never waiting
Eagerly I looked for the neutrino
Of quarks that are fluctuating
And so I screamed, 'Is that an axion?'
My hadron, I could not awaken
Francis Bacon, Francis Bacon!
Instead I uncovered the Klimt
It threw its ghost against the cosmic rays
Diffracting and diffracting with my Jasper Johns
In there stepped a gravitational photon
I felt compelled to sniff the morphologies
Obscuration - obscuration - obscuration!

(With apologies to Edgar Allan Poe.)